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no matter where we go, forever, this will be a heart song
some drabbles 
02 May
taem 2
Title: (untitled)
Group: U-Kiss
Pairing: Alexander/Dongho; Soohyun/Dongho; Kibum/Eli; Soohyun/Kibum; Kiseop/Kevin
Rating: G to PG-13
Warning: No beta, brief mentions of sex.
Summary: (none)
N/A: Just some drabbles I wrote for exercising only, so don't expect a lot, they're very simple.

Alexander/Dongho. G. Prompt.

It’s very corny and stupid – linked gloved hands, a shared cup of hot chocolate and a vast night sky above their heads. It’s the sort of thing Alexander finds awkward and Dongho winces at, but they do it nonetheless.

There’s a quiet comment that it’s freezing out here, we should probably go back to the inn as the first snowflakes hit the tips of their noses. Yet, none of them even moves. They keep silent, watching the surprisingly quiet outskirts of Tokyo with its dense woods and startling sounds behind the bushes.

Alexander’s jaw begins to tremble softly after he takes a sip of the chocolate and hands the cup to Dongho. He’s not very good with cold.

Dongho glances at him and inches closer, subtly leaning towards his chest. It’s an innocent move that has both of them flustered, heartbeats quickened, and it was suddenly harder to breathe.

The stars simply twinkle, the snowflakes simply pour down, both indifferent to the confusing thoughts and never-ending questions congesting both boys’ heads. The silence, only broken by the small, distant animal sounds, also seems to be inconsiderate of their audible breathing.

Dongho’s grip on the cup tightens just enough not to crush it as a hand lands on his shoulder. Both of them look around, probably to confirm there was no one around but the small crowd at the lightened inn they could spot meters away. Alexander presses his lips together in a thin line not to let out any embarrassing, squealing sounds when Dongho rests his head on his shoulder.

It’s freezing out here, one of them repeats and his voice cracks endearingly with nervousness.

Once again, they don’t move. The stars still twinkle, the snow becomes slightly thicker. It’s corny and stupid, but they don’t ever get tired of it.

Rise and Shine!
Soohyun/Dongho. G.

“It’s precisely five thirty six AM,” his whimper is muffled by the pillow onto which his mouth is sloppily pressed. “What is your problem.”

Soohyun simply smiles and Dongho narrows his eyes at that, scowling at the man. He just can’t see what can be so delightful that early in the morning, so he just glares and imagines if he can dig a hole in Soohyun’s face solely with the power of his clearly superior mind.

Exactly!” Soohyun whispers in what Dongho notices to be excitement, thus he glares even more. If not a hole, maybe just a tiny crack. A scratch, really.

“Again, what is your problem,” he asks in a sleepy monotone and would bury his face right into the soft, inviting pillow if a hand weren’t pulling his wrist.

“Just come, already. You’re supposed to be the youthful spirit out of us.”

Dongho considers the possibility of digging the hole with his own hands for his mind was probably affected by sleep and maybe, hypothetically suggesting he was smart enough, Soohyun took advantage of that condition. However, he simply lets himself be dragged and glowers when told to be quiet because the others are sleeping. Oh, are they really?

When they reach the balcony of the shared hotel room, Dongho blinks. His eyes are still barely open and he still has this grumpy frown on, but his eyebrows rise up a little in realization. He almost asks Soohyun if he really had shook him off his sleep for that, but the words don’t quite make it out. It’d be hypocritical.

Soohyun hears him mumble something and grins, feeling light and proud of himself for no particular reason at all. “I know,” he answers back even though he doesn’t know what he’s agreeing with.

Dongho’s hands grab the balcony’s support and he leans cautiously onto it, sleepiness slowly fading away. The grayish skies are painted yellow and color the vast, cold sea of Guam’s coast with shades contrasting to the sad dark blue, and he just watches. He has a half smile on his face because he feels so small and yet so big.

“You couldn’t have missed this,” he hears Soohyun mutter inches behind him, and his smile widens. He doesn’t nod or look back to show agreement because he knows it would look stupid. But, somewhere inside him, he thanks Soohyun.

Kibum/Eli. G.

Eli is terrified of Kibum because Eli never really gets Kibum. He speaks through long and tricky words Eli didn’t even know the Korean language had, and something about his confident way of walking feels horribly intimidating. Kibum is too sincere, almost painfully so, and probably doesn’t think he should apologize after saying the truth, and Eli doesn’t get that. Eli keeps the truth in as much as he can, and always apologizes when it slips out.

Eli never knew he could ever stand up against Kibum until the day he did. Until the day he got so infinitely angry he almost shoved his fist into Kibum’s fucking face to make him shut up. And, as he berated erratic, furious words at the older boy, he saw something that resembled fear on his face and felt proud. He took an unexplainable pride in inciting that emotion in Kibum because he had had enough of being the only one feeling that way.

On the next day, Kibum isn’t so smug. His eyes are no longer defiant and his speech finally shows some humbleness. Eli mutters in relief under his breath, ignoring the tension their argument had created among the group. He’s just glad all that insecurity is gone.

On the next week, Kibum hugs Eli for no reason. They were recording their dance rehearsal break for fans, and Eli suddenly feels arms around his waist. He thinks it’s Soohyun or maybe Alexander, but it’s Kibum’s face the one he sees after turning his head. Surprisingly, he isn’t surprised; he simply leans back into the embrace under the confused glances of their bandmates.

On the next month, Kibum kisses Eli for no reason. It’s sudden and short, but also sweet and sort of clumsy. Eli looks at him with raised brows, but Kibum shrugs. Before he can turn around and pretend it never happened, Eli grabs his arm, looking into his eyes. It’s comical when Kibum blushes.

“Why,” Eli mumbles in confusion, trying not to snicker at the other boy’s rosy cheeks.

“Because I respect you,” Kibum answers in a clear voice, even if his blush intensifies. Eli almost wants to laugh, but instead kisses him again. He’ll never really get Kibum, but he’s glad that’s more of a reason to like him rather than fear him now.

The Way It Goes
Soohyun/Kibum. PG-13.

There are days in which Soohyun and Kibum just hate each other’s faces. They’ll bicker about absolutely nothing for absolute no purpose other than to get each other pissed off. Their half-jokes will be filled with bitter meanings, and instead of disguising it, they hope the other one will get it.

There are days in which Soohyun and Kibum don’t really care much about each other. They greet one another, work together for the day and even chat, but it’s just because they’re used to it. There’s nothing particularly exciting about it.

There are days in which Soohyun and Kibum are best friends. They’ll be glued to each other the whole time, feeding each other, hugging each other, mocking everyone else in the same tone because it feels so right that way. It’s just natural for them.

There are days in which Soohyun and Kibum are lovers. They kiss and touch and satiate, suddenly hungry for each other’s skin. It’s been long enough so both of them know all the right spots and words, they know which buttons to push to make everything happen. None of them leaves unsatisfied.

And now there are day in which Soohyun and Kibum miss each other. Soohyun ponders about what it’d be like if Kibum were there to make them laugh at that moment, but stops when his chest feels intolerably tight. Kibum thinks maybe he should make a call, but Soohyun is probably too busy to answer. It’ll take them a little longer to get used to that.

Making Matches
Kiseop/Kevin. G.

Kevin confesses to Alexander that he might have a crush on Kiseop. Alexander gasps, gaping at him in what, during a terrifying second, looked like disgust, but turned out to be ultimate shock. Then he asks Kevin when, why, how. Kevin doesn’t really know, he says, a little overwhelmed. Just one day, he was talking to Kiseop like they always did when he thought they really could make a great couple – suddenly, he got horribly obsessed with that idea. Alexander eyed him with some awe, nodding slowly.

Kiseop asks Alexander if he could tell him something weird. Knowing Kiseop and his reputation of saying a lot weird yet harmless things, Alexander consents absent-mindedly. His eyes widen as Kiseop admits that he’d been having odd thoughts about Kevin, Kevin’s lips and kissing Kevin’s lips. The younger boy frowns insecurely because Alexander is staring at him, and he stuttered a bit, feeling nervous, should he have said that at all? But Alexander calms him and let him talk, smiling knowingly when Kiseop laments having fallen for someone who doesn’t probably like him.

Kevin is surprised to find Kiseop by the table of the dining place he’d arranged to meet Alexander at. He is met with the same disconcerted expression when Kiseop spots him. Apparently, Kiseop was also supposed to meet Alexander there – that realization makes Kevin want to murder a certain someone. An all sorts of awkward, stammered conversation ensues while they sit with each other before the waitress comes to take their order. They were halfway through their meals when both of them got text messages simultaneously.

I know you two probably haven’t confessed by now, so please hurry up.

It was Alexander. Kiseop feels like hiding under the table. Kevin closes his eyes and makes a mental note to strangle Alexander the next time they meet. Until a thought hits them – if they both got that message, then it meant…

They gaze at each other with widened, curious eyes. Kiseop gives an awkward, shy smile after Kevin bites his lip, constrained. So it is like that. They giggle, looking away. Oh, God, it really is like that.

The food remains forgotten as they keep smiling and blushing at each other, words barely leaving their mouths in that silent confession. Kiseop mutters something just for the sake of it before reaching out, bold enough to let his hand rest over Kevin’s, but still letting out the same embarrassed laugh as Kevin’s.

They are both walking down a street, making time chatting after the restaurant just so they won’t have to go home and leave each other, when they get another message.

Ah, I really love happy endings~~ And you can thank me for being awesome later \(^o^)/

Kevin vaguely considers that murder thing again, but it sort of gets pointless when Kiseop coyly bumps their arms, quickly grabbing hold of his hand as they keep on walking.
02 May (UTC)
my favourites: definitely, definitely the xanho and the vinseop.

;_____; been quite long since I've read something by either of you I think!!!! anw I just want to take the xanho home and cuddle it and hug it to sleep at night asdlkfhsdgnsdf

I miss Kibum & Xander a lot :( and my missing OTP Xanho hahahaha :(
02 May (UTC)
;__; I KNOW IT LOOKS LIKE I ONLY LIKE ELIXANDER DFSHASDLJ DDD: but I love, love Xanho too ♥____♥ It's so cute and skfjhflkjsdhf DD': /loves. Glad to know it's someone else's OTP!

I haven't had much time to write lately (fics, that is. I'm having my share of essays to make up for that, though U_U), so I wrote all of these in a hurry just to remember what fanfiction is like ;o; Also to have something to post here :/ I like posting lol

I don't really miss Alexander and Kibum because I'm only seeing older stuff from U-Kiss, so it doesn't feel like they're gone at all u__u I seriously don't know what I'll do when that gets old, though. I hope by then I'll have a new fandom to obssess about /crosses fingers.

Thank you for commenting ;ω;
02 May (UTC)
omg your icon. it's killing me. asdlfhdkg ds it's so sweet omg I really miss them right now :(:(:(:( did you see their tweets ;__;

the same for me hehe rushing an art assignment right now...not sleeping till 3 (yesterday I slept at 3.30 and listened to 0330 lol. it's a good song but u-kiss isn't the same anymore.)

speaking as someone who was very attached to xander, u-kiss is still livable, but...i just don't...love them as much anymore? :( i really wish i could, but i don't. if you really must, do you wanna try ze:a? hehe >_> i've taken to fangirling them lately, they're an adorable bunch.

thank YOU u__u
02 May (UTC)

IKR I love this icon ♥ I'm sorry if I'm making you miss them more D: Yes, I did. They're such kids, so lovable and cute, honestly ;__; I'm feeling sorry for Dongho, it looks like the changes are being extra hard on him, for some reason.

LOL I still haven't listened to the whole 0330, but I saw part of a performance and meh, it's not that good. I'd like it a lot more if it were Xander and Kibum, that I know for sure. Most of U-Kiss songs are only really great for me sort of because it's them singing and I think they're talented, not for the song itself :/ U-Kiss definitely is not the same. They sparkle a whole lot less now, it's depressing -_-

Talk about attached to Xander :/ He's my favorite along with Soohyun, I squeal when he yawns. Kibum and Eli are second. So, really, this whole thing is hard for me to get used to OTL It would be even if it were anyone else, actually. I guess that's why I pretend nothing's wrong and just watch Pops In Seoul, Vampire and stuff @_@ I really can't look at Hoon and AJ without feeling something horrible inside me :/ so yeah.
ZE:A? Hm, IDK. Do they have a TV show, so I'll get to know them at least? I only saw them in Idol League, but I mostly was in for U-Kiss, because they're fabulous like that, so I may have forgotten anyone that was not Kwanghee (he's unforgettable).
02 May (UTC)
I favourited all the tweets hahaha so I can look at them :(:( Kevin and Dongho definitely are hit the hardest. When my exams are over I am going to rewatch Chef's Kiss and Vampire and cry my eyes out or something. And Xander is so sweet to him omggggg "When you're missing me a lot, put your heart into your wallet~" (or something like that) sdflkjgdhkldfgs

I know what you mean...I just can't love them as much anymore. They had this dynamic that made them them, forget about everything else.

Mine's Dongho and Xander... I'm sort of okay with them, but I don't think of them as members of U-KISS. they're...just...not...the same. :( my friends don't really feel like this though so I am so relieved someone else feels the same :(

hm they have a show about their predebut adventures which really draws you to them (star empire was going bankrupt -> they struggled a lot) it's on empiresubs's yt, it's the one that says "empire kids" in funny letters! very short (might be missing bits or just really that short) but it was enough to win me over huhuhu u__u (I redownloaded idol league, so I can enjoy old u-kiss and ze:a simultaneously. eheh.)
02 May (UTC)
Yeeaaahhh! new drabbles!!! *bonce everywhere*

the alexander/Dongho was so so so so cute! Ghhh! juste! kyaaaaaaa! I'm squealing right now! <3 how they're freezing but won't move becaue the moment it's so perfect! wonderfull!

the soohyun dongho is so cute too! ah! Soohyun <3 an adorable lover! and grumpy dongho is always win! ^^

the kibum/Eli is kind of weird...kibum is weird... so when he respected someone he kisses this someone...I want him to respect me!! *kicked* no really... But they're kind of cute -why ? why are you writting drabbles that are so cute?? *glares*-

THE SOOBUM! HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII *fangirl on* There is Soobum! kyaaaaaa! kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! But ... it is sad!! the other are cute and this one is just sad!! (or maybe it's just in my mind??) anyway! I love it! <3 <3 <3 Oooh! Of course they miss each other! ;_; Soobum 4ever <3

The kevin/Kiseop hah! xander! I love you! xD he is perfect matchmaker! I just can see his face "seriously? Kiseop? Kevin?" and the messages! (and yeah for kiseop saying weird thing! <3)

It's short but like always it's amazing! \o/ thank for your writting! <3
03 May (UTC)
Xanho is da love ♥ They're my favorite pairing with Dongho after Shin Couple :3

LOL, both Kibum and Eli are very weird, so I guess a pairing with them would make a combo of some sort.

Big YAY for Soobum love ♥ They're so adorable, aren't they? ;__; It is kind of sad, I'm sorry LOL

Kiseop will always say weird things, it's what makes him speshul ♥

Thank you so much! ♥
02 May (UTC)
SPOT! I have so much to say, so much.
Just HOW do you make me read pairings I don't?
And VinSeop made me agree, those two idiots, I'll talk about them later! XD
03 May (UTC)
Was supposed to get back to the spot earlier, but I got distracted by the kiss marks on Kevin and so angry and sad and, well tried to watch videos to get over it :S

Back! At least I'm happier :S

Oh my! Alexander and Dongho, reminds me of their twitter <3.
And the place sounds absolutely beautiful, along with the young love that's so adorable~ ^^~
Corny and stupid? Oh yeah, but I like it :3 Corny and stupid actions (esp from Alexander) are just so, gah, indescribably great XD

Soohyun that doesn't share and care :(
Selfish! You should have shown every other member!
But it's okay, I get that you'd be slightly more Dongho-biased XD

Kibum and Eli was SLIGHTLY awkward for me. But only slightly~
I can't imagine Kibum being so girly 0.0"
But yeah, it totally feels like him to randomly do stuff, because NO ONE understands him.
Alexander's not the alien, Kibum is.

Soohyun and Kibum was awesome. Kay, I never liked SooBum cause they broke my Kemaru in Chef's Kiss, but they were always more Bromance than real Romance kinda thing, if you get me lol. /delusional Kemaru fangirl
It was really cute, I don't know how you do it, but it's really pretty Soobum-ish. Usually, if I read a fic and there's a pairing with one of the character being either Kibum or Kevin, my eyes try to change the name into the other half of my OTP (lol)
But this isn't~

VINSEOP. Seriously, there's not much VinSeop in the community (UH, I'M NOT COMPLAINING), but when there are, they don't usually feel very much VinSeop-ish to me.
Kibum wouldn't be like that~ He would suggest murdering Alexander, and probably bring a knife LOL.

but it sort of gets pointless when Kiseop coyly bumps their arms, quickly grabbing hold of his hand as they keep on walking.

And the super insecureness of Kiseop that's unique to him, and the thought of actually confiding in Alexander :3

Kiseop gives an awkward, shy smile after Kevin bites his lip, constrained. So it is like that. They giggle, looking away. Oh, God, it really is like that.

Waha, thanks for these drabbles anyway.
Made me happy once, now that I reread them to comment, it made me happy twice ^^~
Uh yeah. /back to fixing my Kemaru heart/
03 May (UTC)
DON'T BE SAD BECAUSE OF THAT, WOMAN! ): CHEER UP! I see that Eli fucker rubbing himself all over AJ like the gigantic whore he is, and I'm just here, pokerfacin' u___u HE ALWAYS WILL GO BACK TO THE CHINESE HOTNESS HE LOVES SO MUCH, I KNOW SO. And Kemaru is, like, married, so you shouldn't worry. Gotta keep your head up :)

Tokyo's outskirts are surprisingly beautiful, indeed LOL I never knew there was an actual wood area there at all LOL

Soohyun can't help the bias :/ He's an old, lonely man, he gotta play favorites u_u

Elibum is awkward ♥ Was he girly? LOL I thought he was just being weird rofl. I think Xander and Kibum are both lovable aliens ♥

Hey, Imma tell you one thing: what ruined Kemaru and everything else in Chef's Kiss was Elvin. THERE, SAID IT U_U Soobum was saving the whole show for me -_- But since Soohyun was never there, I liked it better when New Alkidong was formed. BECAUSE THEY WERE THE BEST PART OF THE SHOW EVER. Ugh, I seriously hated Eli (and later on, Kiseop) so much in CK LOL That's why I dislike that show, it made me hate my babies.
Buuut thanks for loving it even though it's not Kemaru :)

VINSEOP IS CUUUTE :) I hated it in CK (SERIOUSLY, THAT SHOW. UGH.) but I find them adorable ♥ I totally love the idea of Kiseop being awkward and lovey-dovey with Kevin while Kevin just lets him beee~ *ω*

I thought the girliest two were Kevin and Xander? Unless you're taking the current members into account... Then, I guess you're right LOL

Thank you for reading and leaving such a lovely comment as always ♥
/mends your Kemaru heart with Kemaru icon :3
04 May (UTC)
Kemaru had this tension thing since Kiseop joined T___T I never saw them lovey-dovey again. Always a one-sided thing from then on... :(

^^ LOL. There should be? I mean, somewhere's gotta have the sakura blossom Japan is proud of ^^"

Yeah, Dongho would have to take care of him well XD

SUPER GIRLY LOL. Random kissing :3
Very lovable aliens XD

I know, I hate Elvin foreverrrrrr. I'm just trying to spread out the hate :S. I didn't like SooBum though, nope :P. XanHo were ADORABLE. Nothing got in their way, not Kiseop, not Kibum, XD.
I thought Kiseop was fine, he was just being (as usual) overly affectionate, and (as usual) Kevin doesn't really reply him lol.

VinSeop IS cute, I mean, OBVIOUSLY.
Kevin's cute, Kiseop's cute, put them together, you're in an overload of cuteness, duh.
I didn't hate them as much, must be because they didn't get a lot of VinSeop fans. I have no idea why, everyone fell in love with ElVin and not VinSeop. Why? Wasn't Kiseop more obvious with his feelings? Tch.

LOL. NONO, Xander and Kibum are always "current" members for me ^^" I still can't move on DX.
Xander's more WOMANLY, while Kevin and Kiseop are GIRLS. Get it? Haha ^^" Xander has that PMSing part Kevin and Kiseop never had. XDD

<3 Thank you for your drabbles, it helped me with my feelings :)
/if only Kevin grinned in that picture T__T
(Deleted comment)
04 May (UTC)
Thank you a lot! :)

I miss their antics a lot, I'm glad it reminds you of them ♥
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